When the greatest care becomes standard

Privacy, security, traceability, flexibility and advice are the watchwords of nr docusafe’s activities.
We are a specialized company and recognized holder of the PSF approval (Professional of the financial sector) since May 2006 and this in accordance with the CSSF implementation guidelines. In our new modern and secure premises located in the industrial area of Breedewues in Senningerberg, we are responding to the obligations and the most drastic security standards (access control, intrusion, video, fire…) in order to maintain full confidentiality and security of the data which is transmitted and entrusted by our partners. Our destruction activity offers a fast service suitable to all types of data media while respecting the security levels of destruction prescribed by the standard DIN 66399 following designation of the media and this with the use of an equipment able to destroy from micro file cards, to a hard disks, to paper or any other media.
In order to ensure optimal safety for the data storage before and during transportation, nr docusafe offers a wide range of secure trolleys of a volume of 80, 120, 240 and 415 liter, fitted with numbered seals, in order to ensure the privacy of the data.
A certificate of destruction is transmitted after treatment of the product. Our employees are subject to strict confidentiality and our procedures require them to provide us with an annual extract of their criminal record. Our vehicles are equipped with a geolocation system which enables us to localize their position at any time.
Our infrastructure provides a large surface area dedicated to the archiving of records and other data media, meeting all needs in the most suitable. We are able to offer a large range of different storage modes, from the cardboard box on a pallet to the workbook on racking. The conception of the cells can be either shared or independent, as well as type specific firewall REI 90. The storage surfaces are scalable according to your needs. The management and the movement of your archives can be treated by our services through the establishment of an identifier bar code that provides transparency and a follow-up of each document movement.
Our diversity offers services such as the provision of other container types for the packaging and the treatment of other waste fractions, ranging from 1000 litres to 25m3. For several years, nr docusafe, ISO 14001 certified for the management of the environment, has been opting for smoke vents and an optimal exploitation of treated products and this in collaboration with other organizations concerned about the environment such as the SDK, Ecotrel and Ecobatterien.

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Léif Clienten, dir Dammen an dir Hären nrdocusafe seet Iech villmools Merci fir äert...

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We are pleased to have received the ESR label for the second time.

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We wish you and your families all the best and lots of happiness for the year 2018.

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